Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to Childhood

Slug BUg
According to Evan

so from a lot of riding in the car and being around each other a lot... we have somewhat reverted back to boyhood and "demoted" to 12 years of age. slug-bug, window, shotgun and other games of the sort have gotten out of hand since we've been here in Brazil. today we drove back from santana and it hit it's peak. christian doesn't like the slug-bug game cuz i hit way too hard and take it much to seriously- too into it. after one last punch, cuz of a white bug, he decided that he quit. but i made the decision that he hadn't quit. it was left unsaid but it was tense in the tight car.

later on we passed a brown slug bug and christian "let me know." i was enraged and hit him back on the thigh cuz he said he'd quit. he replied with "you said i was still playing" but i didn't really think he was, so i didn't get him first. so we continuously hit eachother, punching really hard in this tiny car. andrew was trying to settle us down, but it wasn't happening. finally Katiana (mama or 'Queen Bee') stepped in and it was all done very suddenly. later on, it was said and final, christian was out of the game... but i made sure to hit him one more time. andrew punched me in the leg hard, and THEN called slug bug green... and this made me mad cuz you totally have to call it first. so i punched him back which caused pandemonium. not to mention earlier andrew was standing outside the car and saw one while i was inside, reached in to punch me, but i blocked it!!!!!! (with my fore arm... which ended up hurting way more...)

but we play all sorts of games, and i love it!!!

~Evan, from a Note posted on Facebook

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