Thursday, September 4, 2008

Arrived in Pignon

News From the Team
We will post a few videos that can better explain what has been going on, but here's the overview...

We landed in the airport in Port Au Prince and blindly walked thru customs and got our luggage. A man overheard our phone conversation and said, "I KNOW CALEB!" From that point on it was a blur... we followed a man outside thru a tunnel of staring Haitians and after being hassled and asked for money, we arrived in the van. I'll put it this way, we had to lock the doors:) A few minutes pass and we get to a building with more, staring Haitians. We then prayed for God's provision, protection and guidance, because the best way for us to put it is that we felt like "helpless, blind sheep." An American named Michael opened the door and said, "you're coming home with me tonight boys." We went into another airport with little bush planes, and waited for him for an hour over his expected arrival. We rode home with him, and found out he was a missionary with his wife, and we stayed at their house that night. The weather conditions were too bad and so we had to stay another day until today. God provided more than we could have asked for, because we got to stay in a safe, cool house with food and an XBOX 360. It also turns out that man was our bush pilot to take us to Pignon, our actual destination in Haiti. So, this afternoon, we flew out of Port au Prince on a bush plane with Michael, our pilot missionary friend. ( Finally we have arrived here at camp, and now we get to fellowship with other missionaries at the camp. It looks like we are going to spend our time doing a lot of construction projects, and spending time with kids.

So... God has totally taken this out of our hands, obviously... and it has been amazing! Thank you for your faithful prayers, because God has been showing us how to walk in the Spirit. For all of us, we can say that God has been showing us that we need Him, and that in life we need to live lives of complete abandonment to Christ. When we give up EVERYTHING and simply walk down the road and say, "Lord, we are walking, take us..." we have found that God wants us to live with purpose, has purpose for us, and being a living sacrifice actually takes... sacrifice. We are amped to give ourselves to Pastor Caleb and his ministry these next two weeks, but we all have a feeling we wish we could stay longer:)

Once again, thank you for what you have done for us, we are excited to see what the Lord does here in our lives and others around us. Please keep praying for God to make us men to violently make an impact for His Kingdom, and that His Kingdom will continue advancing here in Haiti. It is a dark place because of the prominent voodoo hold on these people; please pray God will continue to break that. We NEED God's protection, and we NEED his guidance. THank you so much, you all are amazing.

Warriors of Christ,
Evan Christian Andrew

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