Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From Port auPrince

V-Team has left the country.

Early this afternoon Evan, Christian and Andrew stepped off their plane into Haiti. They arrived to find that all in-country flights are currently grounded. Their contact from Hosean Ministries was unable to meet them at the airport. Until planes are cleared to fly the guys are staying with the Broyles family. Michael Broyles is a bush pilot who graduated from Moody Bible Institute, in 2002. Michael and his wife Karen (and their three year old daughter) now serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship. in Haiti. They have a heart for hospitality and a spare bedroom set aside specifically for hosting travelers in times like this.

Check out their website. It is a great place to browse -- full of stories about Mission Aviation, and their work as Jesus Followers, in Haiti. And, if you want, leave them a note and thank them for hosting V-Team!

Andrew called today from the Broyles home with an update. He said they are doing well.
He was positive about their arrival, and optimistic about what is ahead for them. They are ready to see what tomorrow brings.

All internet services and some cell carriers went down in Woodland Park today. We had tele-communication/ computer silence today. So it was great to have made contact with the team by good old- fashioned land- line phones. Special thanks to Don Leigh, 30 miles down the way in Colorado Springs, for copying and sending this update over the phone.


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