Monday, September 1, 2008

Christian is listening to his favorite band...

Something most of you don't know about me...My favorite band is Underoath. They are a christian rock/metal band from tampa and the best way to describe them is warriors for Christ (on stage/on CD), but enough about who they are...I saw on their website about a month ago that they would be releasing a new album (lost in the sound of separation) on September 2nd. Instantly, i was thinking "OH NO!!, I'm not gonna be able to get it", but then i saw an option to preorder on iTunes, so i took that route, and about 45 minutes ago, florida time, at 12:02 AM, i was able to download my fav bands new, might i say AWESOME album, my favorite song sofar is 'desperate times desperate measures'. So, i am sitting, leaned against a post in a miami terminal listening to it, while andrew and evan take their turns sleeping, i get my turn in a few hours! Have a good one everybody, and please, send us emails and skype us if you have a chance!


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