Monday, September 22, 2008

Football and Surfers

Update from the Team

Yesterday was an amazing day for V-team. After hearing of a local American football team, Marconi wanted for us to hook up with them so we could share with them what we were doing and maybe play some ball! so after spending the day playing full contact football with no pads, we were able to give our trip testimony and share the Gospel. The guys were really receptive to it, and it was awesome playing with them after they heard the message.

Group picture with the Football Team

We went over and played on the beach after playing football. It was nice to be refreshed and get to body surf:) After a while we headed over to church. Church was amazing! We went to a different church (other than Marconi's home church). The "Snowball" Church was a church full of surfers and others alike. The podium the pastor used was made of a surf board. Out of no where, God must have communicated to the Worship pastor that we were there, because he invited us up and prayed over each one of us; then the church prayed for us.

After all this excitement for us, we headed home and had pizza! 'Just a little update on the sort of things we've been doing.

Unexpected prayer at "Snowball" Church
Have a great week this week:)

evan christian andrew

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