Wednesday, September 10, 2008

V-Team Phone Call & Caleb's Update

From a Phone Call
This update is entirely second-hand hearsay from a conversation Carie Stookey had with Evan yesterday. I am going to say this upfront --- the guys may need to clarify anything i mess up. But this is my best shot.

Today, the team moved out of the ministry house and into the school where they have been working and spending most of their time with the children. The school is still closed due to the hurricane. It is a very simple structure made of dirt floors, cement walls, and open doorways -- entrances with no doors. The guys will be sleeping there. in a dorm. Since the rest of Hosean ministry staff has left to respond to hurricane Hanna devistation, the Team has been forging their own way at the compound.Their friendship with their house-guard and fellow believer, Ja-Claud, has apparently become a significant relationship. And, they have started praying together every night before the voodoo drums and rituals begin. They are learning so much about the power of Jesus' name. Evan told Carie Stookey that they plainly see animal remains in places of ritualistic sacrifice. He doesn't use the little drum he brought b/c children grab it and start beating the cultic voodoo beat.
And, through it all they are having a great time. The Team is really happy to be where they are. Three housekeeper/cooks have been feeding them and doing their laundry in the muddy river. And it sounds like the best part has been the children. Evan, Andrew and Christian are glad for their time with the crowd of orphan kids who want to play soccer and just be with the guys. No doubt they will have many stories about the children they have been allowed to serve and love in the mountains of Haiti.

Meanwhile, down at sea-level, in the aftermath of Hanna, Caleb has been working in partnership with local relief and missions organiziations; and doling out as many resources and relief as Hosean can provide. Click this link to see pictures of the worst affected areas. And, below, find his latest update on the dire circumstances in Haiti.
See more images of this crisis:

September 10, 2008
Dear Friends;

I’ve arrived to Pignon last night to see my family. I’m returning to Port au Prince tomorrow to continue the effort there. Here is a synopsis of what we’ve done so far:

1. We went to Gonaives on Saturday, Sept. 8th and delivered lots of food and drinking water as told in our last e-mail. We arrived back to Port au Prince at 11:45 p.m. in the rains of hurricane Ike. An hour an a half later, the bridge we had just crossed in route collapsed after flood waters again hit it. Praise the Lord for His protection!
2. We have been in constant communication with the folks in Gonaives, providing them with phone cards as well so that they can continue to be in touch with family members.
3. Our team has produced a DVD and put it in the hands of media to show the conditions. We have given copies to government officials so that they have live images of what has happened.
4. We went to Mirebalais on Sunday to assess the situation after we heard of the bridge collapse. With this collapse, there is no longer ready access over land to Gonaives.
5. We visited the town of Cabaret and provided support to 5 families.
6. We have been contacted for the urgent needs for medicine. We contacted Missionary Flights International. Through Medical Assistance Program Int’l, $249,000 worth of medicine is being delivered tomorrow to go to Gonaives.
7. We received word from Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) here in Haiti that Air Calvary can provide a helicopter to fly supplies to Gonaives since there is no longer road access or an airport for airplanes. We have already raised funds towards this to allow them to fly for 10-14 hours (at $500 hour).
8. We have turned over to the government, a 40 ft. container of food that Rotary Int’l had given for distribution. It contains over 283, 180 meals.
9. We stopped in Mirebalais on the way home to bring some moral and practical support to my friend, Gustave. I met Gustave through Rotary International last October when my vehicles broke down outside of his community. I was with 14 Americans volunteers from Minnesota who I was accompanying back to Port au Prince. He had a double cap pick up truck and helped me get the team to Port au Prince. This past Friday, before I traveled to Gonaives, I called to tell him of my needs for drinking water. He had gotten into his truck, went to a water purification facility and purchased water for over $350USD for me, loaded his truck and was expecting one of my drivers to return to Mirebalais Sunday morning to pick up the water. He had over 1,000 gallons of drinking water ready to go. At 1:00 A.M. on Sunday, the floods overran his town, destroying his pharmacy with over $10,000 worth of medicine, his pick up truck, his generator, a brand new refrigerator and freezer for his business purchased on credit. Thanks be to God, his life, along with his wife and three daughters were spared. The good thing is that Gustave wears the same size of clothes with me and his wife wears the same as my wife. It’s a good time to share from my abundance.

We are heading back to Port au Prince tomorrow. I will be meeting Missionary Flights in the capital, pick up the medicine they are bringing, and make trips via helicopter to bring the medicines and needed supplies to Dr. Grenson Jeune, FACS along with Doctors Without Borders who are responding there.

The situation continues to grow more desperate as stored supplies in the isolated areas run out. Please be praying for wisdom for us as we make decisions how to best help with what resources we find.

Praise God with us for what He is doing to help.

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