Saturday, September 20, 2008

Are they there yet?

V-Team is now in Brazil.
Earlier this week they had an uninterupted trip from Haiti via Miami, and were picked-up in Forteleza, Brazil, by their friend and missions leader, Marconi. He made the 14 hour round trip from Natal to the airport to get the guys. They traveled long and will be in that familiar region for the next 5 weeks. Christian, Andrew, and Evan will be living and serving in the place where the global dream for V-Team began.
You can spot their location Brazil by satellite with the GPS Spot tracker.
And go ahead and check out the "Challenge Ministries" Link --
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Pictured Right: Andrew, Christian, and Evan after a mountain hike in Haiti. Left: Pastor Marconi and his wife Katiana.

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Kener said...

Hey yall! Man, has been a pleasure to have u guys here in Natal with us. We are having a lot of fun and a lot of work to do (it sounds awesome). Thank u all for your prayers.
Now V-TEAM are in BRAZIL... WOW!
God bless u guys, love.
Lets share the GOSPEL.

Your Brow,
Kener Paulo.