Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Poll is Closed

The latest V-Team poll is over. Did you vote? Are you a winner?
The Question:

"What is the Team doing in that Picture?"

a. Evan is teaching a class on his own version of Tai Chi -- 12% of votes.

b. Christian was just trying to work a painful kink out of his back. But he's just so dang charismatic, he attracted a participating crowd. -- 16% of votes.

c. American Football on the beach is so brutal, they have to do warm-ups first. -- 36% of votes

d. Andrew got everybody going in a big game of "Statues." -- 20% of votes.

e. The Brazilians are initiating the guys as 'true surfers.' -- 16% of votes.
The top two answers were Beach Football and Andrew's Statues, followed closely by Brazilian surfers, and Christian's back. Apparently most blog respondents felt Andrew was more likely to lead a game of "Statues" than Evan is prone to teach a Tai Chi class on the beach. But it's all fun to think about!
The Correct Answer:
C. American Football.
These are pictures of the warm-ups that preceded the Team's beachy game of Football with the Brazilian Team.
If you won, let us know!
Make a comment on this post, or email the Team --
They'll email you congratulations!
In the mean time... watch for the next Poll!
And if you are an American reader, be sure and vote on the real deal in the U.S. next month. :)

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p0wderh0und said...

YES! I sooo got that one right. :-)