Sunday, September 14, 2008

Video from Hosean Hurricane Relief

V-Team is going to miss Haiti. Over the last days, they experienced a full-fledged monsoon, saw a pig butchered, have enjoyed eating goat, and had meaningful interactions with people. Tonight, they are in their last stages of packing and good-byes. Tomorrow, (Monday September 15) they head for Port au Prince, and then off to Miami. From Miami, they will post video and pix updates about their time in Haiti. Many first-hand stories are ahead ... stay tuned. Watch for it!
Relief Video
In the meantime, here is some video footage from Caleb.
This youtube clip shows the city streets and hurricane outreach efforts
which were happening down in Gonaivesas
-- while V-Team was serving up around Pignon.
See Hosean's Relief Footage:

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