Friday, September 5, 2008

V-Team's Flight to Pignon

From the Team -- Christian's quick description of their flight with bush pilot, Michael Broyles:

the flight was awesome. haiti is a beautiful country and its people are so beautiful, they want to know who we are and truely have caring hearts, from what we can see.

the flight was smooth. i sat as co-pilot and got to wear a head set. it was awesome. evan and andrew took pictures out of the plane and then i filmed the landing, hopefully i will post that soon... we won't have internet often, it will be sporadic.



stephanie said...

You boys :]] You're already encountering memorable adventures.. Lord knows you've got so many more in store for you while you're gone! I miss you guys already, but that's expected right? Haha.. I love you guys God Bless you! best of luck out there...

oh... poll idea...
"When will be the first time you boys get lost :]"

<33 Meggo Prego
I'll get my own account soon, but for now i'll use my sisters.

Anonymous said...

Aww I'm so proud of you boys!! AND I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH, ALREADY! Luke and I went by Andrew's house the other night to pick up his bike and hang out with the fam. You have no idea how weird it is not having you boys around here! Luke's definitely been missing you too - it's not even something I can express in words. But I am so excited to see where God takes you and I am confident that big things are going to happen through that bold obedience! Stand strong, and know that you have a great support system back home! I'm stoked to hear you've already got some sweet adventures under your belts! Love and miss you lots! You boys totally rock :)