Monday, September 1, 2008

From Denver

We are at the hotel, packing up after breakfast, and getting ready to head out to the airport.
The SpotMe link is now cleared and running... so you can watch the families en route.  We aren't sure if the locator will be allowed on the plane, and allowed to track their progress in the air.  We'll see... but Dallas, and Miami, and Haiti will be the next locations up on the Google map docket.

The Outlaws, Stookeys, Leighs, Luke Willoughy, and Kelli Ignatius all had a great time yesterday.  After a picnic in the park, we all headed to the Denver Aquarium and had a blast together!  After a swim in the pool and dinner at Country Buffet, we all goofed around and laughed a lot before heading to bed.  (Watch for pix to be posted later).

In five minutes, after the current pillow fight ends, we will head downstairs and off to the airport.

From Christian:

The day is finally here and come a lot faster then we expected.  I'm excited and ready to go.
Thanks for your prayers and support for the last two years since we started planning this.  
Good-byes haven't been hard yet, but I feel like today is going to be different.  Even though it's gonna' be sad, it's gonna' be good to go.

See you on Skype!


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