Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Party on the Bus"

From the Team.

We landed safely here in Brazil, and all has been going well. The past few days have been days of rest- fortunately. Our stay here so far has been a lot of getting to know close family and visiting with them. Our first night we had a prayer meeting with Marconi, his family and a few other church friends. We sang songs, prayed and gave our trip testimony. We found that there is a missionary that lives out in the country side, and he recently found that he had leukemia. We also found that Eliana's father was very sick, and was having multiple health problems. Please be praying for them. Also, every night here at 10 pm we pray for challenge ministries. This is Marconi's ministry- which reaches multiple towns out in the country-side. Marconi gives his time, energy and all his resources to these places. Marconi has asked us to pray with him at 10 each night- and tells us that many others have committed to praying at 10 every night as well. If you feel lead to do the same, please do. It doesn't matter the time difference- we are just asking that you pray for Challenge Ministries.

Tonight was a really amazing night for us. We went to a christian concert- and it was life impacting. They came out loud and the entire place was moshing. After a few songs, the guy gave the Gospel- FULL OUT. He laid out his love and passion for God. 20-30 people gave their life and put their trust with their life in Jesus. Later on we rode the bus home. It was extremely packed with all the concert people- quite stuffy. Then in a quiet voice evan asked Marconi, "how do you say, 'party in the bus"?'. He told me, and evan repeated it. suddenly the entire bus went up with excitement and laughter! they all started cheering us on, and moved out of their seats for us to sit down. Even Marconi and his family had a tough time believing what was going on. Then, it ended up Marconi told the bus about us and Jesus- and everyone cheered us on.
After that, there was a bunch of laughter and bad portugese- speaking Americans. It was agreed that it was the best bus ride we had EVER been on.

Thank you family for being faithful in your support. We cannot communicate how thankful we are for your love.

Fun from Brazil,
evan christian andrew


Kener said...

Wow, it was an awesome party in the bus haha. Guys i hope u all are having fun...
God is amazing... He loves V-TEAM.
God bless u.
Kener Paulo. Uhrrruuuuu!
PG was awesome haha...
Todo ser que respira louve ao SENHOR. AMEM.

p0wderh0und said...

Party in the Bus! YES! That is sooooo Evan. Glad to hear you are having a good time and you are being used for God's work!