Monday, September 8, 2008

Email from V-team

That is really all we can say:)

So, we have been here a few days, and it is insane. FIrst... Voodoo is very prominent here. What that involves is if something has gone bad, people make sacrifices to evil spirits to appease them. They believe that if they make enough sacrifice, the evil spirit will help their situation. This is extremely common here. One night, we were all staying up praying, and we heard some drums begin about 100 feet away. Our other missionary friend, Alban (who is basically doing the same thing here in Haiti), told us those were the voodoo drums; they happen basically every night. We began to pray against the idol worship and sacrificing, and were proclaiming God's victory over Haiti. As we were lifting up God, we started to hear Him say, "I can do anything, I have victory over evil, I am a God who can and will protect you..." Alban left, and soon after praying God would kill this meeting, He did. Minutes later it all stopped, and we saw God's hand right there (these usually go late into the night, and it was barely past dusk). We are amidst spiritual warfare; the front lines. This is how every night has been, just praying Christ's victory over Haiti. We met our guard at the camp, whose name is "Jon-Claud" who walks around our house every night singing songs to God:) He is the man. We wake up, and have a series of tasks ahead of us, usually a very rough schedule. So far (today) we dug a 100 yard trench for a water line to a sink for the camp. Day before yesterday we arranged all the classrooms for the kids here at the school. Most of our time has been spent with the kids and teenagers of Pignon. Soccer is huge here, and every evening we have a soccer game that lasts a few hours. It is so amazing to fellowship with them; our focus has been just trying to communicate to them how much God loves them. Language is a huge barrier, so most of our ministry is soccer, or serving the camp or school staff with hard work. Yesterday morning we hiked Mt. Pignon with 6 orphans from the orphanage. They lead us up there, and it was the most beautiful thing we've seen! In fact, evan got a better look by free climbing a 130 ft. radio tower with latter rungs to climb up:) INSANE!

We have found that Gods will is not a comfortable, nor safe thing. God's plan has been consistently pushing us to step out. God is a God who WILL protect, and now we expect Him to show up at night, and take over Pignon. Please be praying for Ja-Claud, John, "technique" (our nick-name for him), Joel, Angelo, Stanley and the rest of the kids in our circle of influence. We are going to start praying (hopefully) with Ja-Claud, our guard. Due to the hurricanes, Haiti was hit hard, and Caleb has left to go for hurricane relief. So please pray for his ministry with that, and just Haiti in general for the hurricanes. We can't communicate this well, but we have seen the NEED for God here, it is a dark place, but God has been rescuing person after person here. We feel that if we have another nation praying over Haiti, God will continue to hear our prayers and continue the revival. Please pray that God will revive, and people will see that there daily sacrifices to idols are empty, and the only wholesome and perfect sacrifice is Jesus. That they have a loving God who is compassionate and will help them and give them life without making those sacrifices. We just want to be God's tools to communicate this message.

There is fruit being produced here, and God is moving rapidly. We cannot wait to see what will happen with a nation praying in Jesus' Name against this evil!
We love all of you, and God Bless you :)
evan christian andrew

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