Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From the airport...

We are finally booked on a flight to Port au Prince, Haiti this morning for 11:30. Pray for the connection with our friend in haiti, Caleb Lucien. Thanks so much for all your prayers! and yes moms and dads, we are safe and okay, accept for evan got....


And by the way, whom ever of you voted option #1 (or letter 'A') for evan to have an allergic reaction, you were correct!! YOU WIN!!! He broke in hives on his side last night when we got back to the hotel! GROSS!


Jonathan said...

Hey Men,

So glad flights are already being delayed and your required trust in the Lord is starting right from the beginning. Also am so proud to hear your recongition of God's soverign plan even in delays and weather and how you are all three searching for his planning in the midst of altered plans. You rock!


Jonathan said...

Hey brothers,

Just another little note about hurrican Hanna. I just finished reading on MSN how significant the loss is becoming for those to whom you are being sent. This is so clear to me. How it is that you are being sent during this storm for such a time as this, caring the message of hope in your hearts to give to those who are suffering such loss. What a setup! I'm sure you have already, but check out the pics of northern Haiti on Disaster relief, praying for those who are suffering, offering a message of rescue are all yours to experience. THis is what you asked for and what we all wanted for you. THis trip will turn out to be a bigger deal than any of us knew and God has chosen you, is sending you, is inviting you into his world.

Strength and Honor,