Monday, September 8, 2008

Hosean and Hanna

Update about Hanna relief from Caleb Lucien, Director of Hosean Ministries.

The following update comes via an email Carol Greenstreet received. ( Carol and her husband Kirk are friends of the Luciens.) This brief does not mention V-Team's participation specifically. So we'll have to wait to get specifics from the Team about hurricane relief. But, below find a description of what one group of workers at Hosean ministries has been doing -- in the aftermath of Hanna.

From Caleb Lucien --
"We have provided some help, which represents a tiny drop compared to the existing needs. We brought water, cleaning supplies, peanut butter, corn flakes, milk, salt crackers, sardines, bread and other stuff. We provided phone cards so people can continue to stay in touch with their families. We gave a bit of cash donations in the amount of about US $2500 and as we left we helped evacuate about 50 people who came back to Port-au-Prince. We were glad that we were able to provide assistance estimated at US$11,000 in less than 3 hours.

We left, however, with a deep sense of sadness and anger. Anger, because of the lack of infrastructure in our country where we don't seem to either see or hear what the leaders are about to do. Sadness, because our hearts break for those people who are powerless and who do not seem to have a way out. IT IS HELL ON EARTH - total Chaos, total devastation, total hopelessness...the outcome seems very dark. We watched mothers, carrying a bag on their heads with babies in their arms while walking about 1 mile in 4 feet deep of swamp water. We watch sons and daughters carrying their elderly parents on their backs to bring them to safety. We watch young men, still proud of who they are, but trying to fight for a 16 oz bottle of water and a piece of bread - we see pain and humiliation in their eyes.

As we left and promised the folks that we'd be back on Monday, we did not realize that the only passage to Gonaives would be blocked. The bridge from Mirebalais to Verrettes fell due to the flooding shortly after we crossed it. Gonaives is now in complete isolation and disasters continue to strike other parts of the country. More than 200 homes in the city of Mirebalais were completely destroyed as a result of today's hurricane Ike- you only see spots where they once stood. People are standing, wondering what could be worse. The town of Cabaret, south of Saint Marc is also in complete desolation. Fifteen children died there yesterday from flooding. We will continue to do whatever it takes to bring relief. First, we have identified various church leaders, along with members of the former Rotary Club of Gonaives. We will work through them to bring necessary help. Second, our main focus will be with the delivery of goods such as food & water. We would like to purchase some foam mattresses within the next week to get to the people that are in shelters. Third, we are contacting Air Calvary, who provide Helicopter services, to find some quick yet effective ways to bring the relief. PLEASE PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and if you can give, please do so as the Lord leads you.
Thanks and God Bless!


If my brother has a need
And my hands be free
Let me love him in deed and in truth.

Caleb & Debbie Lucien
You can donate through via paypal or send your gifts to: Hosean International MinistriesPO Box 17668Little Rock, AR 72222-7668

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