Thursday, September 11, 2008

From Christian

Sorry it's been so long since we last made a post, we don't have internet much. Anyways...the last few days have been great. Sorry if i repeat anything that has already been put up on the blog or sent in an email...

A couple days ago, we woke up, had breakfast and then a man named Wilbur, he is the local plumber in Pignon, showed up at the camp. We were going to help him install a commercial sink at the camp for the cook staff to have a better and easier place to do dishes. So, when we figured out where everything needed to go, we started to dig the trench to lay the pipe. It had to only be around 8 inches deep, but it had to be like 75 yrds long. So we began digging and within about 3 hours, just before lunch was ready, we had it all finished. It was great to know that by God providing the materials and the labor (us!), the camp staff would be able to do their jobs much easier. Praise God!

Today, we met a boy by the name of Wilfredo, he speaks really good spanish which was great because, all of us combined, speak okay spanish. We talked about soccer and girlfriends and where we were from, but then Wilfredo asked us some questions about our relationships with girlfriends which lead to us having to be pretty straight forward about our choices in saving sex for marriage. This was awesome because he wanted to know why we chose that, and the rest is history...At this point in the conversation, we basically told him that we love jesus and our bodies belong to him and that they were a holy place for him, and in the bible, God tells us to save sex for marriage, and through this conversation, we were totally able to share the gospel, Truth reigned victorious! It was sweet because the stuff we were telling him, Evan and I didn't really know how to say in spanish, but looking back, we know that the entire conversation was spirit lead and it didn't matter if we couldn't communicate well because the spirit could through us! Praise God.

So, those are just some of the things happening with us in haiti..Thanks for your prayers, love and support!!

(pictures are of trench digging at the camp and then the 2 boys are kids we met and we invited them to eat dinner with us one night)


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chelsbelle said...

Praying for you guys like crazy! Good to hear that you are helping the kitchen staff at a camp! Keep the updates coming :)

Chelsea Van Ryn