Monday, September 1, 2008

The fun of the weekend is over...

the new adventure begins.
Denver International Airport. American Airlines Check-in and Departures. Friends and family of V-Team gathered, hugged, gave blessings, laughed, cried, smiled, cried some more, then held hands in a big circle, and prayed. When the clock ticked to 10:50 am the Team and families walked slowly toward security, and said final goodbyes. The guys rode down the escalators and into their Global adventure.

Prayer -- Matt Parker led the group in a send-off prayer.

Away they go ... to the gate, and into the world!

For more pictures, photo albums can be found on FaceBook. 'Got a question about that? Email them to:

Apparently the spotMe locator had to be turned off in the airports. You will be able to find and track the Team again, once they are free to reconnect. Stay posted...


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