Monday, September 8, 2008

IM From Andrew

The guys were able to do some email catch-up this afternoon. Andrew connected on IM Skype with Steve. They were working at a school -- 4 miles away from the place where V-Team is staying. The schools in Haiti have been shut down due to the hurricanes. But, generator power for the buildings still runs during the day, and is turned off at night. The Team had a little time at the school today and were able to communicate before heading back to the solar-powerless house.

Apparently, Caleb is out working on hurricane relief with one group while the Team is doing work up the mountain. Excerpts from Andrew's IM conversation:

we have been working and doing pipe... we ran pipe from a water tower to a new outdoor sink.
it's been so cool.

... we climbed a mountain yesterday and played with orphans. it was amazing.
there is so much i want to tell you guys, but power turns off soon ...

... tell everybody that we're safe and having a great time and will post video and stuff when we get to Miami.


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