Monday, February 9, 2009

The People We Meet along the Way...

While in Jinja, Uganda
V-Team lived in housing with a group of Americans. There, they met up with a photographer and musician couple, Katie and Dan Snyder, from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Dan has posted and tagged the guys in some Facebook videos. You may have seen them in the last few days on Christian, Evan, or Andrew's pages.
Katie is a gifted photographer. She captured a lot of the Uganda experience in her own way. Go see Katie's work via her website.
Browse her UGANDA album by hitting the "Gallery" tab at the bottom of her homepage:
Katie Snyder Photography
And, check out her blog about Jinja. It chronicles some of the same people and places that V-Team experienced.
While in Repalle, India, the Team met up with Kevin Sprinkle, from Kokomo, Indiana, USA. If I got my facts right, Kevin has a different day job, but also engineers and digs wells for unreached people groups. Andrew has mentioned that he would enjoy teaming up with him on another adventure at some point. Kevin was working at IREF with V-Team, and has posted a flicker album of his time there. Note the IREF, and INDIA FACES albums. And watch for glimpses of the guys.

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Kevin!
Kevin's India Pictures:

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