Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Arrived In New Zealand

A quick update from Christian:

We have arrived in New Zealand. We are in a town called Papatoetoe (pronounce Papa-Toe-(as in foot)-EE). It's about 15 km south of Auckland. Brent Davie picked us up at the airport around 1030am. He is the director of PACT (Papatoetoe Adolescent Christian Trust). They work with at-risk youth. We've just been getting settled in. We are going to be staying at the PACT building (about 20 minutes from Brent and his wife, Neeley's house). Things are great and it is strange, because this feels and looks like the States. Also, I had my first glass of American quality milk in the last 6 months, this morning!
Life is Good!

Where are they working?

When they are not doing free travel in the countryside where "Lord of the Rings" was filmed, the Team will be working with Brent and Neeley Davie, and PACT ministries in Auckland.




You can also check out the Davie's Blog:
V-Team has had the privelege of working alongside many amazing groups of ministry partners worldwide. Their list of destinations is now behind them, but the following international organizations, and the Christ Followers who serve them so faithfully, will be family forever.
  • Hosean Ministries, Haiti
  • Challenge, BrazilBold
  • Xote Santo, Brazil
  • Canaan Farm, Uganda
  • Suubi/ Light Gives Heat, Uganda
  • Young Life, Uganda
  • IREF, IndiaBold
  • PACT, New Zealand

Please browse the websites of these outstanding groups, organizations, and people. The links can be found on the sidebar of this blog: "LINK LIST -- Global Partners." Take a minute to learn about these important people and their life-impacting work. V-Team could not experienced the power and love of God, all around the world, without them.


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