Friday, February 6, 2009

January 30th

It was great to spend time and make lasting friendships with the team from Minnesota/Michigan. We did the Gospel conference with them and completed a half a week after in fellowhship. We were honored to be apart of their trip. One of our last great memories with the team was going to the local Repalle jail. There the pastor John shared while we played music. It was great to watch them as they were sucked into the teaching- focused and listening. We are very excited to return there hopefully before we leave to visit with them and share a bit more. We ended with this team with a church dedication in the morning. It was sad to see the team go. We really got into great friendships with the team from Minnesota/Michigan. But as they left we knew it was time for us to begin and continue to move forward here in India.

The very next day after leaving we had the opportunity to go out with Francis (Emmanuel's brother) throughout some surrounding villages. Our first stop was world-sacking (adjective for incredible)!!! Gathering people from the village to come to the church, we went into a few homes and prayed with people. We prayed with two ladies and their families as well as a man who had recently lost a family member. Later during the church service we had the opportunity that comes literally once in a life-time. Once the prayer meeting was over a lady ran up with her baby asking for us to name it and dedicate it. We named him "David" and Andrew prayed for him. Next was another woman who wanted the same. We named the girl "Rebecca" and christian prayed for her. There was one last one named "Rachel" too that was dedicated. After the service was over we had another great opportunity to pray for multiple old ladies and children. This church service ended with some fire-hot curry chicken eaten with the hands. Later we traveled to another prayer meeting/funeral.

On the way we were drawn to a funeral and had the honor of praying with the family. We didn't get to share much, but we did what was needed. We went onto another funeral right after. We met far into this village, underneath a grass roof. 25 people were there listening directly, then the message was played over large speakers. It is amazing to see how in such a difficult time there can be hope. Because of the general darkness and oppression in these areas- it is incredible to hear people singing worship songs and smiling, holding tight together amidst the hardest of times. Jesus really is a hope and comfort for all things we go through. After sharing about perseverance we ate with the family and prayed with them. We headed home after a very complete and thorough day we hit the hay. So we look forward to finishing out India. A general day looks like playing soccer/vollleyball/basketball with the boys in their compound, then doing devotion with the girls in the evening. We really are hoping to travel to the jail again, and we are fired up to continue traveling with Franicis to the outer villages to reach them as well.

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