Friday, February 6, 2009

The American Team & A Big Tent

Janruary 25th

The Gospel conference couldn't have been more successful. A team traveled in from Minnesota/Michigan and we made awesome relationships with them. We dove in setting up the bit tent and stage. A few days of preparation were necessary, then jumped into it! Every night one of the three pastors would teach and invite the people to come accept Jesus. The untouchables were filling in to come hear about a hope that would save them daily and eternally. After John shared about John ch. 9, we headed in right before the masses went over to the sleeping tent in the boys compound. There we saw people letting the worship of God consume them. I remember seeing a man standing and clapping completely off beat- spreading his arms as wide as possible and crying. We were able to pray with people as we left too as we strolled back. A muslim boarding school sits on the backside of where we had the meeting for the conference, and the top was lined with students listening about Jesus. The next few days looked like this. Setting up, and tearing down. During the day the team held a medical clinic for all to come and get treated. People with scabies, fevers, colds, lame legs, etc. all came for any help they could get. While this was happening, the pastors would teach at another tent meeting for the evangelists and bible women of surrounding churches of IREF. As we (us three) and a few of the American team members worked alongside the boys in setting up, we saw how the body of Christ works in full swing. There was a medical clinic happening, some of us would just sit with the children while the tent meeting was going on, some would start setting up for the big Gospel conference in the evening working with the boys. We grew in our relationship with them while serving with them. Then once that relationship was established, they would hear more about God. The whole American team was assembled so divinely.

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