Sunday, February 22, 2009

Matt's Pictures

Matt Parker, currently traveling with the Team, has posted pix on Facebook. His wife Laura, wrote a quick blog description and posted the link -- below. Laura is patiently caring for their 3 kids while he's gone. And still makes time to write! Amazing. Go check out her blog, too!
In the meantime here are a couple pix, and Laura's blog about Matt and V-Team.
" Our paths crossed with a missionary named Paul in Mae Sariange. It blew us away to here he was from Castle Rock, Colorado. What are the odds? "

Pictures from the Jungle, Laura Parker 2.09
"Matt and the V-Team spent the last several days trekking through thick jungles into remote villages on the Burmese border. They scaled rock faces, trudged through rivers, rode elephants, slept in hammocks, and got to experience the extremely primitive lifestyle of these Thai people groups. It sounds like quite the adventure for all of them as they got to taste what it means to "go to the unreached." Check out Matt's pictures on his Facebook page. You can click on the link below. Currently, they are on the island of Phuket, debriefing the trip and processing the last months for the guys and their futures back in the States, which will begin in about a month (after Thailand, the V-team will spend about 3 weeks in New Zealand, and then head back to the U.S). Enjoy the pictures--they are pretty wild."


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