Friday, February 13, 2009

Chang Mai

We are thrilled to be in Thailand to say the least. We arrived in Chang Mai and searched like mad men to find a suitable hostel. Thailand is such a tourist-friendly place, especially Chang Mai. So it wasn't too difficult to walk around and find a hostel. After finding aplace that has a lot of westerner's called "Julie's", we settled inand went to see what was next. Even before food we got thai massages,one hour for 150 baht ($4.25). AMAZING. We headed over to get somelunch to discuss what we felt God was leading us to do for the rest ofour time. Chang Mai was really just put in front of us and we went forit. We began our quiet times and individually we were floored. Matt felt led to get up and call the owner of an orphanage. He turned out to be an asian Billy Graham. After some time we got all set and met up at the hostel. Lounging in the "garden terrace" that was oh-so-thaiand-relaxing, we discussed how matt felt led to meet up with PastorLu, the asain Billy Graham.
As there were clear instructions for the man in the front desk to notify us at his arrival, we waited where we were supposed to. Time passed as we checked multiple times to see if we had missed something, but it was clear that we were not even tried to be contacted of his arrival. Feeling attacked by the enemy and that we were being fought,we asked God to send His angels to army and that if it was His plan for us to meet with Pastor Lu -- He would make it clear. We just walked down to the end of the road, and stood there. Lu is Thai, so we had no idea where to start. We prayed again that if God wanted us to meet with this man like we had thought, He would make it clear. That He would make His way plain to follow. We stood there in this big city simply waiting. About 2 minutes later, a man walked by with a woman and at an impulse asked him (only the third man we tried, and the first two were white, not Thai), if he was Pastor Lu. He said yes and relief filled his face. He had been searching for us for an hour -- andwas given very wrong directions. The man at the front desk gave him wrong directions, and we felt the enemy's attack long before we found this out. He said he was very confused, but felt led to continue searching no matter what. We told him immediately that the enemy wasabout and knew God had a plan, and tried to thwart it. God had victory.
We sat over dinner hearing this man's vision and passion for missions. Hearing how he was the head of pastors that led people by the thousands -- leading them and teaching them, we didn't know what we were in for. He speaks a Hindie (Indian), Chinese, Thai, English, Burmese. He is a connector for revivals and movements in Myanmar and these other countries. He has a huge heart for orphanages, churches and empowering people. He was talking about how he lived his life for Christ, and was awaiting us. He woke up today thinking about matt. Matt was heavy on his heart, and once we were in touch, he feels led to work with us for the next few days. Our tentative plan was to stay in Bangkok for a few days (2 maybe) and reach the red light district. God hadn't given us favor, and it was clear that God wanted us to pray together later on, but we He didn't ask us to be there. Feeling odd about that, we understand now that God is planning everything and has tomorrow taken care of, so why try to understand everything along the way? We are looking forward to touring his orphanage tomorrow and seeing whatever God has for us in Southeast Asia on this wild goosechase. it was obvious how we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Clearly, that God is bigger than all the denominations and culture andsuch, and He was with us as we were one with each other and with Him.We shared nothing in common with these people but this: we were here in Thailand to serve God, others and bring God glory.
God has made this place ripe with opportunity. We just know that everything is divinely planned out, and this is all apart of a huge scheme, something way bigger than us. We aren't sure we understand this completely, but we just know God is leading us and following us,that He loves us and is letting us take part in this adventure, andthat He has a marvelous plan that we don't deserve. God is good.

Fueled by the Spirit, alive with consuming passion we headed home fast in a "tuk-tuk" -- a three-wheeled beast with an advanced Kia Sportage engine, that feels like it is going to tip ...

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Brett said...

Fellas! It was so great to meet you in Repalle. You guys are really something else and we wish we had more time to spend with you... we'll see you in Chicago hopefully! God Bless.