Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little update...

After a series of random decision making by the pulls in our hearts- we headed on a buss to Mae Seriong. Matt was feeling pretty queezy, but God really blessed us with settled stomachs and good health and energy after praying. We landed here in this small town that is not on the map for tourism, and greeted by a man asking for our attention. usually we would turn away and not bother thinking he was trying to sell us something, but we listened. A german couple from Munich were on the bus, and they too tuned in. He was offering his guest house (usually when they meet you off the bus or train they are fraud or shady) that wasn't in the lonely planet book. We made the decision to have a look, along with the German couple- Olaf and Anita. We headed down the road getting to know them.

We arrived and sensed a pull to stay there. The owner, Aekkasan, told us of a noble missionary man named paul who came by often and so we needed to be there too to meet him. There was an odd sense of unity with the German couple, and this place is in close quarters- with no one else staying here. We decided to do a trek through the jungle with them for three days. We are visiting two or three jungle villages that we actually get to stay in! We get food from the jungle and in the village, our guide will cook it and then we will sleep in the village at a home. This trip involves riding elephants, and traveling into burma. We are very excited to do all of these exciting things, but more excited to love on our new German friends- and reach the villages for the sake of the Gospel. We are so excited to stay up late with our friends, and our host Aekkasan, and listen to their stories and share with them. As we sat around the guest house, a man walked by and by chance he was Paul. The missionary! We were incredibly surprised by this, and not to mention the fact he is from CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO! His son played ball for wp, and they have been there before! Heavens to Betsy!

We met up for dinner to have some killer thai food (again). Pineapple fried rice, chicken with cashew nuts... wIth a pineapple shake! We discussed being missionaries and how refreshing it was to meet up with our brothers around the world. It was great to meet another person who's common ground was God, but seemed like old friends meeting up again because of that! We felt his love, and were excited to get his contact information. As we parted he said in the street, "And the apostles said as they left..." then waited as he walked down the road stepping back ward, he shouted at the top of his lungs for the town to hear "THANK YOU LORD!" Paul spends his time living here in this small town, loving on and reaching the westerners and people who are put in his day. He spends his time walking around these streets finding people to share the love that has brought him here.

We are thrilled to come visit the tribal people, and see what kind of impact will be made here. Thank you for following. Please pray we may continue to grow rapidly- be transformed into serving and loving machines. pray that we can be lights for all to see, and that people would hear the name of Jesus and come to Him. We really want to be a blessing to the people all around us.

with love,


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