Sunday, October 5, 2008

On the Big Screens

In Two Places at Once.

Today V-Team attended Woodland Park Community Church via Skype. Andrew, Christian, and Evan were broadcasted live on two large media screens in the Worship Center. Marconi, Kattiana, and several Challenge Ministry youth leaders also sat-in for the two Colorado church services from their homebase in Natal. With their Brazilian hosts in the background, V-Team spoke to their home church about personal highlights of the trip so far. Chrstian talked about a key worship experience they had in Brazil. Evan explained their encounters with voo-doo, and God's power in Haiti. And Andrew said that he has been struck with how "God uses imperfect people. He uses weak vessels ... We aren't super Christians, we're just three guys." He was clear that they are just people who are young, imperfect, and regular... and because of that, they're very aware God gets the credit for what they are seeing and experiencing. Their worship Pastor, Todd Zeller, led the Team, Challenge Ministry leaders, and Community in a truly global prayer among people of the same faith, across thousands of miles.

After the prayer, a small crowd of WPCC Youth clumped up on the stage to wave and shout at the Team through the skype camera. And, after the 6 second delay, the 3 guys smiled and happily waved back to their friends; most of whom knew the leaders of 'Challenge', and helped build the same new church in Carnubas where V-Team led worship and visited last week. It was global community at it's best!
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p0wderh0und said...

This was just too cool! So glad I was there to see the guys "live".