Thursday, October 16, 2008

"On Tour" in Brazil

Below, find an excerpt from a quick late-night letter written to V-Team's email and prayer teams. The Team will be out on the road again in Brazil, touring for a few days with a local popular band.
V-Team on Tour. Who knew?

Just wanted to stop in and say hello. Its about 1:30 or 2 a.m. here... and I am excited to write this to you as I am drooling on the computer and falling asleep. I hope that this email finds you with joy!

We leave tomorrow to tour with a really popular band to ten different towns. We have built a lot of relationships with people already because we are traveling to a lot of places we have been before. Also, we are going to many places we have never been before- we are excited to see what will happen in this time. The tour bus they are on is having a lot of troubles, and there are some unclear complications thus far. We have faith that God is going to work miracles, and this is going to be a fruitful time- even if it is not even close to our plan. Gods plan is often different from our own- and it is so amazing.

Please pray for Marconi and Challenge Ministries. We really need prayer over this trip- direction, passion, wisdom and energy. So many people will hear about Jesus and so many are going to be touched. Pray that we would be effective for Gods purpose. This trip is going to be a huge opportunity!

Thank you for your continued support. Internet will not be available as far as we know, but feel free to shoot us an email or comment on the blog.
Thank you again, and I will be clear:
With faith,
evan andrew kristen

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