Wednesday, October 29, 2008

GLORIA DEUS- Tcheau Brazil

And it's funny how God still loves us and provides for us. We always forget and doubt and try to control God.

Today was departure day and we were sitting in Recife- waiting for Kiki and Eliana to get out of the US Consolate. We waited more and more and the time came to leave. Finally Kiki came out and we headed quickly to the airport. We arrived one hour before our expected departure. The digital flight schedule said our flight left in 5 minutes though. We sprinted over to the line and found that our flight was delayed six hours or so. This added to the prestress. Prestress isn't a word- so the correct sentence would be, "This added to the stress we already had."

Understand though, there is nothing we could have done. Even if we weren't stuck in traffic, Kiki was earlier, and we were there 3 hours before- nothing could have changed what had happened. The entire car ride we were simultaneously thinking, "If we would have left earlier... now were going to be rushed, argh, this is annoying..." And we find after that our flight is cancelled that without even asking we were given a hotel voucher. In miami we were given one- and we had to beg and plead and we got roughly 20 bucks off. Without asking they gave us a hotel voucher for six hours to a five star hotel with unlimited dinner next to a pool. Our room over-looks a section of the beach.

It was totally out of our control. 30 minutes later after sitting in the airport, we were sitting by a tropical pool eating pineapple. Now we got a formal goodbye, real hugs and pictures. We have time to write this update and email Juergen that we will be a bit late:)

We didn't deserve this, and that is how Gods grace is so awesome. We were all complaining, just like in Assu. We always think that we know what is right, and we have no faith. We had no idea what Gods plan was, and how much better it always is- no matter what it seems like when were in the car running late. On top of that, it is totally unnecessary. We should have gone from that hard work straight into an awkward flight and into the freezing climate. But we have been given a night of rest. So... who knows if we will get on a plane in a few hours. God may very well have a totally different plan! So we wanted to tell you that in a bit we are going to be taking a shuttle from the International Palace, Five Star Hotel to the airport in Recife.

Goodbye Brasil! It has been amazing for all of us. Check our facebooks- we sometimes update notes on them giving our personal views and stories. Thank you so much!

Deus Te Abencoe!!!

The team

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