Friday, October 3, 2008

Lily of the Valley Orphanage

We went to the Lily of the Valley Orphanage Wednesday- the same place we went to two years ago and painted. It was surreal to say the least.

As we entered the gates, the reality of past and present came alive. The difference was distinct. Two years ago we came here as boys. I remember being that boy painting the wall, and my little boy Adriano came up and tugged on my hand. With a big smile he pulled me over to his friends and a soccer ball. I'll put it this way- it was difficult to stay focused on painting- because of soccer. I remember building that relationship with him.

Now, two years later I sit down next to him. He is not a boy anymore. He's not that same boy at least. He played with his friends and was not so interested in holding my hand as he once was. He remembered me, he remembered soccer and everything we had done there. He remembered our whole team, our songs we sang, and even our message. But that was then: two years ago. Now the relationship is different- and we are building it to be remembered as who we are now. It was a kind reminder that we are not to live in that time, in the past.

There is always a greater adventure ahead of us. That time was good- amazing in fact. But walking through the orphanage was a healthy way to move forward. We realized that God always is moving us forward and growing us.

There is a process called "forging a sword." Blacksmiths would heat up a sword, beat it flat, then repeat. Then shape it, then sharpen it, then go over it again. God is constantly forging us. And we've reached this realization by sitting where we were two years ago- on the beach, at a restaurant, or at the orphanage. That He pushes us forward- today. We have the opportunity to grow, to step forward, to live in that day. Wednesday was that day. Two years ago we were boys. Now we are men.


Kleigh said...

Beautiful & true.

C. Rodrigo said...

It's kinda strange to see how things change. It's strange to see how we can grow and the others can not. Strange. I see. But the best thing in growing up, is that you can make the difference of what you see now, with what you saw back then. I believe - whether is God or not - we are in constant changing (and that's the magic of beeing alive).

P.S.: I'm the guy of the GEO, who sang with you. Just remembering. ;p