Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Food Poll

And now, the belated results of the last Blog Survey Question ...

"Which of these real Brazilian foods has the team NOT eaten?"
Guanana 0%
Turtle 27%
Goat Brains 27%
Cashew Juice 27%
Goat Intestines 18%
And the winner is ... Turtle.
Yes, both goat brains and intestines have been consumed on this trip, along with cashew juice, peanut butter popsicles, and a variety of cous cous and bean meals. So, if you picked turtle, you won!!

V--Team friend (groupie?) Doug Leavy, was the only one to claim his official "V-Team Congratulations Email" on the last survey. So, if you are a winner this time, email the team or comment on this post. Claim your prize!


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