Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wednesday, March 25. After a long flight from New Zealand, which landed them in Los Angeles too late to make a connecting flight, V-Team took separate stand-by flights, in two different shifts, back to Denver International Airport. (Due to the time change, the 3 travelers had experienced two Tuesdays). Andrew and Christian traveled together and were greeted by friends and family at around 5:45pm on Wednesday evening. Evan, was greeted by his extremely tired, but happy, family at 1:00 am on Thursday morning. The V-Team World Bound Missions trip has now officially come to an end. Evan Stookey, Andrew Leigh, and Christian Outlaw are now at home in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Welcome Home, to the United States of America!

Watch for updates, as the Team now works to adjust to the culture, food, and people of the 9th Country... their final stop... for now.


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