Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friends in NZ

Jamie Welch, Evan, Andrew, Christian

Hanging out with Jamie [our high school friend from Colorado] was amazing. It was cool to have a friend in our life that we could relate to and catch up with. It was great to hear her story of what God has been doing with her in Washington and what her desires are for the future. We traveled and sight-saw Auckland for about three days with Hayden, then we had liesurly time around Auckland visiting with friends.

We went to a rugby game with a youth pastor named Bruce. He is absolutely nuts and tried to cheer with the cheer leaders. Hilarious. We went with a group of "young adults" about our age to the game... and really began growing with them more. they went to our previous Bible study "block party" and to night church. So we hung out with them somewhat these two previous events, so by the end of this night we were able to discuss what God was doing in our lives.

Today was sunday and we went to Brent's opening of their new church facility. They finally got their new building and it was amazing for us to join in this experience. Jamie joined us, and we all got to go to the church before Sunday to help clean up and get it ready which was great for us to get a full experience of the opening. This morning they opened with passion and it was ASTOUNDING to hear their story of finally getting a great building. After the service, we met back up with our friends and ate some lunch at the church. With our group of about 5 or so, we discussed more about what God wanted for our lives, and we found out that they were all planning to go to Uganda to work with a mission organization there. They are going this summer and this was a great topic to relate on. Very surprisingly (for only 3 days or so) it was hard for us to say goodbye to our new friends.

We spent the rest of our Sunday doing what we love the most. Hanging out with Brent and Neeley and Araya (their daughter). We lounged around and ate out at a home-style mexican restaurant. Getting practical wisdom from a couple who are relevant and interested is one of the biggest gifts we could ever receive. I want to emphasize on this. Because of this, we have learned so much and are so glad to have had this experience before going home.
The last two days we are going to go to the sky tower and have lunch, go to the beach. Last day, we lounge then head off.

Some Slang:
  • "good on ya mate" (good job)
  • "sweet az" (or anything az)
  • heaps ( a lot)
  • togs (swim suit)
  • boots (shoes or cleats)
  • sneakers (tennies)


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