Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Night of Power

Tonight was more than full!
On this Sunday we have received many opportunities to plug into this place really well. Brent invited us to his church and we excitedly agreed! After church we found ourselves amidst a huge group of people around our age who were inviting us to come and be a part of what they did.

First was Phil. We went to lunch with him, and explored the Auckland Botanic Gardens and learned from him as he is a landscaping designer. We made a very good friend, and looked forward to seeing him later on in the evening for night church.

After this, we headed off for night church (same church but contemporary) - which turned out to be a blast. We were asked to lead worship and give short lessons. After we all shared we saw how God tied all our lessons together very divinely. I shared how God is immovable for Job. How he is unchanging, and in a world of changing culture, amidst struggle and calamity- God is a calm in the storm. There is something that God is -- and is in us -- that when tragedy strikes we can be centered and even respond in love! Not only can we have a God in these times who cares about us, but He even asks us to give our burdens to Him, trusting that He will take us through it all. Not only that, but God is so good and His love is so great that we can respond to it without fear. Peter jumped out of the boat to swim to Jesus as soon as He recognized him, 100 yards to shore. And Peter didn't care what it looked like- he wasn't doing it to look a certain way, or how a christian "should" love Jesus... but it was an impulse. Peter was so in love with Jesus he couldn't help but swim to him and didn't care if he looked silly. Only Gods love can move us enough for us to go against the grain of the opposing crowd and culture. Brent wrapped it all up with an AMAZING sermon, answering this common question, "you're a Christian... so what? what does Jesus do for me?" This was an experience we won't forget, getting to be apart of such a cool crowd. We found ourselves again around the same big group who comforted us at church earlier, but many many more people! After finishing, Brent gave the opportunity for people to give themselves to Jesus...

After meeting with inspiring people, we left to Burger King to wrap up the night. We are very excited to be a part of coming Bible studies to, as well as people giving their time to hang out with us!

Tonight was a night of power of God totally taking control, where we didn't doubt for a second God wasn't with us. We saw Him lead through the night and show up as we gave little feeble prayers for help on stage. Giving God our five loaves and two fish, he took our everything and gave thanks for it, then did His work through out the place. we saw how god answered every one of our prayers beforehand we prayed with the rest of the people.

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