Sunday, March 8, 2009



The past few days have been packed with adventure:) We left after having a kiwi breakfast with brent. Praying heavily for this trip, we were expecting God to show up in unique and exciting ways. The bus was long to Taupo from auckland. After ariving we shortly found out afterward the "IRON-MAN" race was being held there, which was going to constitute for a lot of non-vacant hotels, motels and lodges. After a quick search, we found a german hostel which was pleasantly cheap! After gettting settled in we made ourselves at home by sitting with a big group of guys to watch some movies, and figuring out plans to come the next day. This night we met two of our room mates, (we stay in dorm style rooms with six beds or so to meet people and love them- westerners are some of the best people we can reach because we can relate so much better) one was from england while the other was from switzerland. I grew a massive heart to reach these guys, and as i was contemplating how to spend time with them and share the Gospel with them- or even serve them in any way i could... the night got crowded with other things and it turns out i didn't even get to talk to them again! from a human perspective, it wasn't success! 

Financially reasonable and event-filled, we decided to rent some bikes and ride around to tour Taupo, visiting Huka falls and "crater's of the moon" the next day. we were enthralled with the beauty around us as we rode on a terrifying and tiny mountain bike trail through the mountains. After seeing the amazing falls, and ready to head to C.O.T.M. - i got a flat tire. by this time we were battling also with not getting distracted or irritable by hunger, the rain, andrew and christian's bikes WITHOUT brakes, and being half-lost in the wilderness with no map. Somewhat frustrating for all of us (specifically for christian and andrew desiring to ride ahead but waiting for me at walking speed)- we decided to head back. Finding our bags hidden in the trees where we stored them at the park- we opened up our food to enjoy. Just before we ate, we said a prayer that lifted all our possible distractions and frustrations- that eased everything and allowed us to enjoy ourselves and each other. 

It was obvious it was Gods plan for us to be separate at this time, for christian wanted to go straight back to the hostel, while i wanted to take a nap and andrew wanted to lay in his hammock. As andrew and i packed up later to get going back to the hostel, rain poured and we decided it was best that andrew take all the food and such to head home, while i sat under a tree and waited out the storm with my injured bicycle. I walked home after a bit with a unique praying experience with God- and realizing the time of return to a real life was coming soon. This night was different, as our new room mate was a guy from north Germany- who was ready to hang out! We entered into conversation and friendship immediately. On this night... we had the opportunity to go to the hot tub with him. With the same passion to share Christ with him and be with him in any way i could, a wide open door arrived for me to give my testimony to him. I hope that no matter how it all went, that he sees that God is pursuing him, and we weren't there in the same room for no reason! Later on this night i went to the movie room to find a large group of guys from europe watching the "Da vinci code". As i was going to have my quiet time, i sat down quietly in the back of the room and prayed fervently for each one of them. 

After another bus ride, here we are in Rotorua. Tonight we are going to an authentic new zealand dinner and buffet. tomorrow we have no idea- but excited (i am) to do something extreme!!! we'll see what rotorua holds...

please be praying for this specific time of our trip. this is a "wild goose chase" that we are on now in new zealand... but we are trying to heed the advice of others returning to "civilization"- and we are praying to remember all God has done, to have remembering minds. We are praying that God would do all the final touches in this time, and that He would wrap all of it together. That we would enter the states on a firm foundation and footing, ready for Gods plan for us there!

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