Sunday, March 8, 2009

violet crumble!!!!

our trip to rotorua...

not over but incredible! we were able to rest better with the comfort of reservations at another back-packer hostel. After a short walk and getting accommodated, we headed for the usual fish n' chips. We decided to plan for the next day, and this night was going to hold for a special occasion- the maori dinner. This was a cultural show with dinner. This was a three hour event that ended with incredible food, and TRIFLE... an world sacking english dessert. After the whole thing i took a short trip to the souvenir shop and was greeted by a very friendly lady. God gave another great opportunity to share about our trip with and tie in with how God has a plan for all of us. On the ride home we were at total peace, not because of our circumstances but because we began having that little inkling... the still small voice of God saying, "look how much i love you...." just realizing that God really did have a plan for us, no matter what country we are in or where we are at- we have been given everything we need to bring Him glory. 

We woke up today with a big list... first was to go "zorbing." this is a huge plastic ball with another ball inside with some water inside where you sit inside with it as well. you slide around and slosh, bouncing around inside the big bouncy ball. After each of us going down this long, zig-zag course, we prepared for the next event... rafting. I remember hearing stories from Dr. Bingham when he guided in New Zealand- and getting really nervous and excited about this coming event! I remember his words so clearly... "you just wait, evan, and see if you raft in new zealand..." as we were picked up by a group of guys not much older than us- all his stories and words were ringing in my ears, as we prepared to go down 14 rapids in one hour, including a 7 meter water fall. Very excited with only us three and a guide who was noticeably smaller than us, we jumped right into it- even practicing flipping the raft! We took full advantage of our small and intense rafting experience... where we learned everything as we went. 

After being submerged after the two water falls, we headed for the big one... the largest commercially rafted water-fall in the world! We hung onto the wall as we waited for the photographer to get all set up... and we affirmed to him that we wouldn't sue him no matter what happened. We went down this waterfall completely vertical for a few frames on the camera, a second or so... then pummeled into the water. Going completely under (2/3 of the raft) we popped out of the water side-ways then with adrenalin fueling the raft, pulled out straight into the calm water. Now we were all loosened up and ready that is for sure! going down a few more rapids, we got to push the rules a bit more. going down a few rapids standing in the raft, or paddling the raft back up toward the rapid- getting blasted with gallons of water and filling up the raft to the brim with water, we really got our fill. Here we are in the hostel, very excited about rafting such an intense river... (our guides' words were, "this river gets straight to the point...") we are even more excited about meeting up with an old friend here in rotorua!

The german guy we met up with in Taupo that i shared my testimony with, has traveled here to rotorua... staying in this SAME hostel! We believe that God has given us this opportunity, and it is by no mistake that this same guy we roomed with in Taupo has arrived in the same hostel. Tonight we are hopefully going out to dinner to the "pig n' whistle" with our good friend, then see what else may happen!!!!

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