Monday, December 29, 2008


So the past few days have been consumed with preparation and doing work in the style/name of "work crew." This has been incredible to be on this side of the whole thing. We have been cleaning this student center/hotel preparing for the 60 some YOungLife leaders to arrive from all over Uganda for training from the Younglife leaders in the USA. Before the Americans or "Muzungu's" arrived, we hung up signs in their room saying, "Malaria is endemic in Jinja District, MUST TUCK IN MOSQUITO NETS!" (when there were no mosquito nets). Another saying, "extensively check under bottom bunks for snakes/rats/lizards prior to bed." Along with multiple others about rat infestations and typhoid- all that great stuff. You know, malaria is very prevelant and we probably shouldn't use the water for stuff we do- so the warning is funny to us but normal to others:) The past few nights have been doing Younglife club and fellowship. Getting to dance and listen to REALLY LOUD music, play instruments, share with the leaders and watch funny skits. This has been a great time for us to reach in further with the people attending this camp. We have been getting to exercise serving and there is a lot of opportunity for that definitely. This is something we are all very excited about- getting to be alongside the experienced Leaders and learn from them.

Today, 12-29-08 was inturrupted with evan and christian going to see CHarles... remember him? This was the man i met a while back, and today we got to meet up with him and his family for the third time. Each time God grows our reltaionships. I can't even describe, its like we show up, and dive more and more deep. Leaving each other with blessings, encouragement and love. The Spirit just leads the conversation more and more to where it is obvious that God has purpose for all of us speicifically in that moment. It is a beautiful thing. Today was our last visit, and an amazing time of ministry. Very personal, just God leading us two strangers together to a very unique, and interesting relationship. Where we go to his house and minster and pray with the whole family. This is something only God has orchestrated, and we give God glory for His plan. We pray that Charles and his whole family come closer to the Lord- as He gives them eyes to see and ears to hear Him. That they would see God's glory and hand in their lives and continue to grow in their relationships with Him.

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