Wednesday, December 10, 2008

At the Next Stop

V-Team will be moving again. On December 16th they depart from their home at Canaan Farm, in Masindi and will travel south by bus, across Uganda, to the town, Jinja. (See Map)
The approximate travel distance between Masindi and Jinja can be around 250 km or 170 miles. It will be a day's travel.

Before they leave, Andrew, Evan, and Christian will be saying goodbye to many significant new Ugandan friends. They have worked under the leadership of Richard. They received new African names, farmed alongside friends in the fields, fought bats in the bathroom, fished, built hut roofs and mortar walls; worshipped, and taught Bible groups with the people of Canaan Farm. And, no doubt, so very much more ... we have no idea how much. So watch for direct updates when the Team reaches internet connection and finally breaks their long two week communication silence.

Their new homebase, is a rural town at the source of the Nile River -- a spot where the Nile begins its journey through Uganda, Sudan and finally Egypt. Upon arrival, the guys will move into a home that is owned and run by "Suubi Africa."
Suubi is a Non-Profit Organization that works with people and projects in Africa. Their main drive is to provide jobs for impoverished women. By exporting and marketing products made by women, Suubi provides the empowerment of jobs. This practical form of hope currently employs over 65 women and impacts over 500 immediate family members. And these jobs are sometimes as simple as a bead. The women of Suubi make jewelry. And, the Team will see and experience it all firsthand, as they will be living at the base for this amazing organization.
Please check out their two very cool websites: Suubi Africa and Light Gives Heat. They take a couple seconds to download before you can start browsing. Be patient. It's worth it.

Bicycles & Young Life. After the Team gets settled into their new homebase, they will pick up their bikes. The guys pre-arranged to have bicycles while in Jinja. They will be in a school town and traveling around with the kids they meet through Young Life Africa. The main part of their work for the next weeks will be building relationships with the students in the region, through Young Life.

But, The Team is probably taking time to sit, listen, worship, remember, and getting ready to say goodbye to some very important people at Canaan Farm before they hit the road again.

Pray for their goodbyes, and safe travel in the countryside of Uganda.... and watch for updates. Godspeed.

"We have been shown a hope that doesn't make sense
A hope that's alive
A hope that contagious
A hope that changes everything
... and it's changed us."
~Suubi Africa


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