Friday, December 26, 2008


Our Christmas was incredible for a lack of a better term. After our church service, we went over to Philip’s house for lunch. His mother made us beef, rice, pineapple, sweet potatoes, irish potatoes, and mashed bananas. We sat around and enjoyed company then headed home. We quickly began preparing for the Christmas Extravaganza BBQ Celebration! After gathering firewood from the “jungle,” starting the fire, and roasting all the meat and peanuts, we jumped into it! It was very weird in the fact that we haven’t really had Christmas anytime recent that didn’t have snow or wasn’t freezing outside. One of the girls was describing being at the pool on Christmas Eve, getting sunburned listening to Christmas carols. Strange. Well we all (us, our 5 room mates, Philip, and Hanifa) sat around the bonfire, eating our Christmas dinner (roasted peanuts and beef) playing a game called “ZIP-BONG.” Ah, I can’t even describe it to you. To briefly give you a picture, it was not letting your teeth show while saying these words going clock-wise or counter clock-wise according to the specific direction of what the words “zip” or “bong” meant. After the crowd died down a bit, us five- Hanifa, Philip and v-team- circled up for some serious dance-time. Thanks to matt for introducing the youth-group game of memorizing dance moves and adding on, we had ourselves a Christmas Extravaganza Dance Celebration. This was an amazing way to express joy. Looking like fools, not caring, being bad at dancing but being together in love and in the Spirit. We experienced God’s grace displayed through Jesus being born today. So in the most unusual and unexpected way, today we were able to dance and laugh and celebrate Jesus’ coming into the world to save us. It is all made possible by the grace of God.

That is a beautiful place to end, but it doesn’t end there. Soon after this, we introduced to them what we did when we go to rock and metal shows. As we gathered around for tea afterward, Kimby (Betty, our hostess’s baby boy) began to cry. This boy doesn’t like anyone except his mom, unless he is alone. Then he only likes evan. Surprising? Well, evan was closest when he began to cry and Betty left, and this was not a cry of loneliness, but because he had filled his pants. So in excitement that evan was going to get to hold Kimby and he wouldn’t cry- in fact it may stop his crying- he grabbed for him. Evan placed his hand right under his backside as Andrew mumbled, “… uh, I think that he went…” and walked away hysterical. So evan discovered why Kimby was crying when he looked down to see Kimby’s feces on his leg. This ended with an uproar of laughter to put lightly.

This Christmas was so incredible. Thank you for your consistent praying and support for us here. We hope that you enjoyed Christmas as well. This was a time of growing in our understanding and love of Jesus and His love for us. We are looking forward to this new year, beginning with new hearts and seeing what God has for each one of us. May Gods grace and peace be with you as we all embark on this new beginning- 2009.

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