Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello, from Jinja!

Hello our family! APOYO!!!

As we sit here in Jinja, Uganda we are so excited to be in touch with you for a minute. We hope that Gods peace and grace is with you. We want to start with: God is good all the time. Your prayers are being answered. Thank you for praying so much. So many people heard about Jesus and not only the out reach, but the bible study finished strongly too. We are dug down deep with the group of guys coming every single day. We are living in unity with our brothers and sisters here on the farm. God is blessing our offering everywhere we go. We are very confident that God is working on the hearts' of the farm residents. that He is speaking to them here, and growing the seeds that are being planted. please keep praying that God will touch their hearts.

Please pray for the women we have been ministering to: Tabitha, Rose, Pamela and Diana. Rose still has a son that hasn't returned from the LRA. Pamela and her family need prayer for health. Tabitha is getting settled into her new hut- she has two orphans she is mothering. Diana has many children and is fighting malaria. They all need prayer for Gods provision in their lives. We are praying that they would find all they need in the Lord, and He would be everything for them.

Please pray God would provide financially for the 2nd church we went to here in Kigumba. They are building a new church that is big. The last two days we visited homes and shared with them. Please pray for Gods provision and that they receive good health.

And please pray that God will continue to speak to all of us and we may serve Him well with who He has made us.

Lubanga wa ni be ("God is good"- in the language of Acholi)

Jesu ni wangu, wa zima wa mi lele. ("Jesus is my Lord, He is the light"- in the language of Swahili)

We are here in Jinja now. After a long and peaceful ride here, we were soon introduced to Younglife, Africa. We had the pleasure of doing fellowship with them, doing worship, and participating in a crazy younglife skit, becoming "part of the tribe" there is so much ahead of us, so we will keep you updated.

christian evan andrew

p.s. we got to take part in the killing of a cobra. as well as a few animal slaughtering's for food. for you PETA representatives, this is how the rest of the world works:)
(Image Above: Lake Victoria, Jinja Uganda -- from

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