Wednesday, December 24, 2008


On Christmas eve, I felt a tug on my heart to go on a walk. So as i am walking down the street beginning to be wrapped up in my music, a man looks at me very strangely and crosses over the road, walking the same direction down the road as im walking. Sensing something, i pulled my head phones out. As he approached he said in a quiet voice, "Hello, my name is Charles..." And after a short introduction i was able to share Jesus with him. After a long walk on this Christmas eve through the side-streets of Jinja- talking about Obama, the LRA, Cobras, the works- I was invited to his home. This is what the travel book i read before leaving on this trip said not to do. So i accepted and was lead into this mans home into the building projects. I sat there, drinking a citrus Fanta (which i don't think they have in the US, i could be wrong it's been a while) and eating some crackers. I sat for about an hour, and we talked about God, and what Christmas was originally about. About how we received a gift, that Jesus was humbly born and came into this world as a hero to save us in the most unusual and serving way. After a while of this, and hearing his testimony it was definitely time to go because i was expected home long ago. So we prayed together with his wife and mother, and am expected to return back on Christmas day to take pictures and celebrate! I was even given homework to research Daniel and God's protection over him. So i am now writing this with much joy because God always has a plan. His timing is so different and sometimes we don't understand, but there is always something bigger at work and we can never know God's thoughts, but trust in His plan and character.

So I am overjoyed to write this blog to you, listening to my favorite artist ever- Judith Babidea- a Ugandan singer. May you rest in Gods grace and peace as this year ends and as we worship Jesus for coming to our rescue right when we needed it

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