Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ve ahr een Gehrmany! Eet ees so sveet!

We've been in Germany for a week or so, and it has been great thus far. We have been given a warm home to stay in- with a good old friend. Juergen (Philipp) lived with Evan for a few months, finishing out their senior years together. All of our friendships have stayed, and now we have met back up across the world! During this time we have been getting to know him and his family. It is such an awesome opportunity to love our friend Philipp. As conditions of life will intensify in Uganda, this is a great place to refuel.


Laura Parker said...

so fun! our whole family just watched it. matt especially loved the leederhosen part. we are so proud of you guys and we love the videos. we pray for you lots. matt, laura and kiddos

V-Team Tracking said...

thanks parker's! we love ya'll so much, can't wait to talk to you and see your beautiful faces in march!