Monday, November 24, 2008

Pictures of Canaan Farm

(Below: The type of hut that V-Team now calls home.)

Finally, actual images from Uganda!

These pictures come to the blog from Sarah Ray. Sarah has been a profound influence on V-Team and has given them much guidance in the planning of this big trip. Sarah is an experienced world-traveler and supports free-trade business, and micro-enterprise for women in poverty in the poorest countries of the world. Her Yobel Market link is on the "Links"Sidebar of this Blog. The Team will be working with women in Uganda, who are making jewelry that will be sold in the U.S., by Yobel Market. The site is full of great and responsible ways to shop for Christmas. V-Team even uses her products. Christian and Evan both wear vibrant (wild!) passport carriers from Yobel Market as they go the globe.
In the course of her life and travels, Sarah has lived at Canaan Farm on a couple of occasions, and sent along these pictures. Thank you for the pix, Sarah!
You can click on her business website -- -- Go Christmas Shopping !!

Pictured Below: Canaan Farm. A bike used for travel to the market. A gathering of Canaan Farm residents. The closest Market -- 11km away. Market produce. Beautiful children. A pix of the Farm. Women in the business of making jewelry beads. Women Dancing.

The Current Home, for V-Team.

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The ChickenLady said...

What a breath-taking place!!! Your journey continues to astound me when I read about what you are doing and see the pictures. We are praying for you guys everyday here in Arkansas. I listen to KLove all day long and there is a song my Michael W. Smith called "Yours". It is soooo about what you guys are doing...walking the streets in Uganda...and it's all yours God, yours God! Keep living your testimony to so many in all these countries and even back here in the states! Love you guys, Jennifer :)