Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life is good.

A quick e-mail excerpt from Evan:
"... everything is perfect. i am living in the ideal conditions for me. no running water. outhouses. Showers by pouring water from a bore-hole over me in the sun. This is great here. I can't even explain how good this part of my life is. I have gone deeper into my relationship with God and i cannot explain very well, but i am just going so much deeper into my relationship with God everyday. This is my place. Everyday we either farm or do contruction of the hut. The hut is made out of bricks held together by mud mixed with water to create a harder than concrete substance. It is 14 feet across and we gather brick, and mix the mud and lay brick like real masons- my new favorite career. Being a mason of some sort. Either that or we farm, like, slashing all the bush out with ho's then chopping up the roots, then making a seed bed for some kind of vegetable. Every meal is the food from the farm -- beans, rice, cabbage, sweet potatoes, something!
They have a fishing pond with tilapia in it and i am looking forward to fishing in it. I am getting to know the area more, 500 acres total. Everyday we take a walk to water our new cabbages and we walk by a few huts and we say "Jambo!" or "Apoyo!" means like thank you or hello or something. I cant even explain. There is this need for God here. The civil war problem in Uganda and Africa is so terrible. And after children are abducted sometimes the family turns to witchcraft or simply their own ways. And there is just some kind of depression feeling where there is so much pain in the past. But here in Cannan Farm- people have hope and life because of Jesus. It is just amazing to see how much need is met here by God. Every night we gather and talk about God over a bon fire or after dinner drinking African tea. And the relational encounter with God is so unique. Ah, im sorry i cannot describe this better, but i have very little time...
It is awesome to see miracles from God ... Slowly but surely i am finding out how much God loves us and how much He wants this personal relationship with us. The timing is perfect too, because we would not have been ready to lead a bible study in september. Its like we were lead through Haiti and Brasil, and were on our own and practiced in Germany. Now we are here, and all we have is God to rely on. And He is blessing every aspect of our time here ... I am enjoying being in rural Africa. It is my calling. Farming. Masonry. Doin it up.
So i am sitting here in my hut and i hear rats and lizards crawling in the grass roof! and shortly going to take a shower outside under very cold hand poured water. its awesome!
... Life is good!

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