Monday, November 10, 2008

Leaving Germany

Hot to cold, to hot again. In the last 3 weeks, the Team has gone from sweating in shorts in Brazil, to chilly weather and coats in Germany, and now... back to the heat.

In the Air Tonight.

They are on their way, again. This week, V-Team will enter the fourth continent of their global trip.
Tomorrow, the Team departs from the airport in Munich, Germany and will fly to Kampala, Uganda. Which, as the crow flies, is 3,533 miles or 5.685 kilometers. However, obviously they won't be traveling by crow. From Munich, their flight heads to Cairo, Egypt. Then, from Cairo, they fly to Entebbe/Kampala, Uganda. From Kampala, the Team will have to drive 110 miles to Masindi -- the home base of Canaan Farm. Tomorrow's trip will come to a grand total of 3,789 miles traveled.
As the team leaves, they will be heading into an area of Africa that does not have readily available or consistent internet connections. They will be living in a place with less ability to communicate. We will hear from them less, but the blog will continue to provide updated information about where they are and how to pray. Stay tuned ... and, please pray as they depart for this next leg of the adventure.


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Laura Parker said...

we will be praying for you guys as you travel . . .