Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Arrived in Uganda

V-Team has landed safely in Uganda. They were picked up at the airport by Canaan Farm hosts, Richard and Jackson. Before heading off to their new home base, the guys took malaria medicine and were able to send a short, cryptic email update from a small internet cafe in Kampala. Fighting with technology and keyboards, their message looked like a code and started out with the words, "we hav landed safelyin uganda..."

They expect this first week to be some hard work. The Team will be learning from and working with Families Empowerment, Uganda. FEM is a Christian organization, that was founded in 2002 by Christians who were moved by the plight of war-displaced families affected by regional conflict in northern Uganda. It was also driven by HIV/AIDS needs. FEM-Uganda is located in the north western district of Uganda in Masindi, just two hours drive to Gulu district. Since it's foundation, FEM-Uganda has helped meet the needs of families who are victims of war, poverty, and disease with the purpose of sharing God’s love through Jesus. (brief website on blog sidebar) Watch for more information about this organization and the people of Canaan Farm.

On the agenda for the 3 guys, this week -- building a hut for a widow and learning to farm. They will also begin relationships and have conversations about life and faith with farm workers, during soccer games, and possibly around a bon fire with music.
For the next 2 months, Uganda will be there home.

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forever.saved said...

I'll be praying for you guys!

It's so awesome to see what God is doing in your lives.. God is good all the time brothers!

I really miss you three!