Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What am I learning?

How am I being changed?

Where have I seen God?

How will I be different when I come home?

I have been challenged with questions like these on a daily occurrence. At times, I have really just been unsure on how to answer them. One thing I do know is that God is really teaching me patience and also how to hear his voice. I have not had any earth shattering experiences on this trip, and nor have I had any major breakthroughs with things he is teaching me. There are times when this is frustrating, because my thought is that, "I'm in Uganda, I'm doing missions, shouldn't I be having some crazy God experience?" This I think is the lie that Satan is telling me.
Last night, I was reading my friend Laura Parker's blog. Laura, her husband Matt, and their 3 three kids are living in Northern Thailand as missionaries right now. One thing I notice when I read her blog is simplicity. They are living in Thailand, serving people, and serving God. Yes I am sure that they have had some pretty intense spiritual experiences, but they are not on a quick summer mission trip. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with summer mission trips, I have taken part in my fair share. What is different about the Parkers though is that they are experiencing life and serving at the same time.
Let me try to tie this all together. I have been in Uganda for over a month now. Whether I would have come here or not, my relationship with the Lord would have continued. I would still be learning things if I were back in the states. I feel like I am living here, it may be a short time, but it is living. I am pursuing God here, and I know it was in his plan for me to be here. I don't have a complete and solid answer for any of these questions yet, but I know that ultimately God does have an answer. I am trying to listen and know that I will still have much to learn about my time here even once I get home.
I ask that you would pray that I am not distracted. Pray that I can hear the Lord's direction for the remainder of my time here, and also truly listen to what he is teaching me. Thanks for reading and I am so thankful that I can count on your prayers and support.

Sorry if my post was confusing or made no sense whatsoever!

God Bless,


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