Friday, June 4, 2010

Life in Uganda

My world got kinda flipped upside down once I left Memphis. All my flights got completely changed and I ended up in Uganda 2 hours early which was a plus in the long run! It was so great to see Richard at the airport, and the first evening, we slept in Entebbe. The next day, Richard and I toured around Kampala and that evening we ventured back to the airport to retrieve Sarah Ray, Marlena Dorsey, Laura Pearson, and Vern & Alicia McRoberts. That night we slept in Kampala and the next day we headed to the farm.

We were greeted with open and loving arms when we arrived at the farm. It was so refreshing to see so many familiar faces. Everyone has asked about Andrew and Evan! You guys are dearly missed here as well. For the next few days, I spent getting the lay of the land and we started a few projects. The intern/teacher house is now in the process of construction. We have also had to repair a few of the roads around the farm to prepare for more vehicle traffic in the coming weeks. During or first few days, we also began expanding the Yobel Jewelry project. The jewelry workers on the farm are creating new and beautiful designs.

In this time, I have been reconnecting with Geoffrey, Dennis and Jackson. Those guys really were awesome leaders and friends the last time I was here, and it has been so good to see how their lives have changed and they have grown. Geoffrey has been given a guitar and is playing very well. We are continuing lessons in my time here. Dennis is in school and striving hard to succeed. Jackson has moved back north to his home of Gulu and is seeing a girl whom he plans to marry in the next year. This time feels so different but so good, like a new chapter in a book. Its been great to be here with the other Americans as well. Great relationships are forming.

I am currently riding on a bus between Jinja and Kampala. We came down from the farm last night to Kampala to scope out the city and purchase more jewelry supplies. Then we went to Jinja, where we met up with some old friends Joe and Melissa Terranova. After staying at there house last night, we awoke this morning and went to the Jinja Uganda Leather Tannery. That was a really cool experience, very smelly, but good. We bought some leather to use for new jewelry and necessity designs for the women and men to make on the farm. For the rest of the day, we have to pick up the remaining 16 Americans from the airport and then travel back to the farm.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue construction on the farm, host medical clinics, and further the jewelry project. The farm is growing and changing so much and God is truly blessing the dedication and efforts of all those involved. Thanks for the prayers and support! Love to all!


P.S. I tried uploading photos but the internet is not cooperating with me, sorry but I will have to try again later.


Anonymous said...

Tell Richard and Susan that Maggie from Freeport IL says "HI" I was in Uganda last month and wish I could have visited them.

Anonymous said...

dude its so weird man, but there is a guy here (think his name is chris). goes to mosaic and reminds me of you soooo much. its friggin creepy! same manerisms and stuff... and its awesome cuz whenever i see him i am reminded of u and u being in Uganda currently. g'luck mate and it sounds like a ball!

Evan stookey

Matt Parker said...

I love you man! Love hearing about your adventure with the Lord. So proud of you bro! I am praying for you as the spirit leads.

Your brother,