Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Faces of Uganda

Face full of drool!
Christine from Suubi and her 9 month old
Suubi women rolling some beads
One of the Suubi women
Marlena and a friend from Suubi
Phillip Kakungulu, our friend from last time we were in Jinja
Abdallah from the boy's home
Musa from the Boy's home
Maureen, one of the volunteers at the Boy's Home
Baby Beckham who has been in Joe and Melissa's Care
An elderly man from the farm (photo courtesy of Emily Harpe)
A girl from the Farm (photo courtesy of Emily Harpe)
Tabatha's son
A lady from the farm
Olara Geofrey working on bamboo jewelry
Ochaya Jackson repairing the road
Little Susan
Mr. Achana slashing a grass roof

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