Saturday, June 26, 2010


Many of you probably remember stories about our friend Geofrey from Canaan Farm. Just to refresh your memory, Geofrey is a 24-year old Acholi man from Kitgum, Uganda. When Geofrey was 12, the rebels raided his village. His family was able to get away but Geofrey was kidnapped. For 2 years he served in the LRA as a child soldier. He would sleep in the bush every night for only a couple of hours, and was forced daily to raid other unsuspecting villages and homes. For those 2 years, Geofrey saw many of his friends get killed before his eyes. After really learning the ways of the rebels, he understood how he could escape without being caught. One day during a raid, he stayed behind and while the other soldiers were leaving, Geofrey snuck away. He traveled in the bush for 4 days with no food or water before finding his brother working in a nearby district. Geofrey then stayed with his brother for another 2 years before traveling to his family. After almost 5 years away, Geofrey was reunited with family at Canaan Farm in Masindi District.

When I arrived to Uganda, Richard picked me up from the airport. We hung around Kampala and Entebbe for the next day where we got to do a lot of catching up. He shared with me about Geofrey and how he was doing with school, life, music, etc. Hearing from Richard, Geofrey has been very discouraged lately and was not doing well in school. He had actually traveled to Southern Sudan and was working there for about 2 months. Richard did not want him to go, but Geofrey is an adult and Richard respected his decision to leave for some time. When I told Richard I was coming to the farm, he contacted Geofrey. Geofrey came down right before I got to Uganda.

A couple of weeks ago, Geofrey came to Palissa (eastern Uganda) with myself, Sarah Ray, and the younger girls from our team. We went to work with YoungLife volunteers. In that time, Geofrey and I were able to lead worship together. It was also a good experience for him to get away from where he lives and meet new people. Through that time, Geofrey gained some great connections and might partner some with YoungLife in the future.

In my time here so far, I have really gotten to spend some quality time with Geofrey. Most of our time in the beginning was spent playing music. However what I'm learning about music is that it's a great way to break the ice into further conversations and relationship building. Through the weeks, Geofrey has really opened up to me and we have really dug deeper into what is now a strong friendship. In my time here, I have seen him change and his drive to continue school have really grown. I have really enjoyed my time hanging out with Geofrey, and am looking forward to going back to the farm later next week and pick back up with him. God truly is blessing Geofrey's life and he is growing into such a leader. He loves people so well and has such a caring heart. Please pray for Geofrey that he can really follow after the Lord's desire for his life. I tell him often that he is still alive for a purpose and that God has an extraordinary plan for his life.


Please keep Geofrey and the refugees of Northern Uganda in your prayers. They have all come through so much and it takes much faith and persistence to rise above the events of their pasts. With the power of God, all things are possible. Thank you.

In Christ,



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sarah said...

Loved watching you invest your life into Geofrey's and getting to see your friendship grow. You are a brother to him.