Friday, August 29, 2008

Counting Down to Lift Off

They aren't astronauts. We aren't waiting for a space launch. But, it kind of feels that way. Monday's flight out of Denver is just a couple of days away. The Team has done last minute cheklists, and more last minute checklists. Actually, Christian has been packing for more than a week. Andrew and Evan just started today.

Final gear includes airporter bags to cover the backpacks when they are checked, hard guitar cases, and ultralight hammocks. All three of the guys got together and tried out the hammocks last night. After getting them hung in trees at Evan's house, it started to rain. So, the first trial run was a bit soggy -- but successful.

Saturday will be the final day to pack their backpacks and head out of Woodland Park, Colorado for the last time until next year. When they come back, we'll have a new President.

Family Good-Byes
All three families will be gathering in Denver on Sunday. We will meet in a park for lunch, then head out to the Denver Aquarium. After dinner and some swimming in the hotel pool, we'll all head for our rooms and get ready to leave by 7 am Monday morning. Friends and family will be there to send V-Team off at the security gate, bound for Miami, then Port au Prince, Haiti. As Moms, we have made a pact to celebrate the departure, big time. This is going to be a great send-off weekend. Tears will come after they're gone, past security, and out of sight.

Yes. It is hurricane season. V-Team will be flying into some unknown weather conditions. Hurricane Gustav left a wake and 22 people dead in Haiti. It is now headed for the Gulf. The Team will miss Gustav in their travels. The current hurricane under watch is Hanna. ( )
However, the projected course of that storm does not appear to be bound for Haiti. The team appears to be on a hurricane-free course, at least for the next week or so while they travel. We will keep you posted while they are in country and storms continue to form.

Please feel free to contact the team with well-wishes and Bon Voyages before they go!
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